Transformation in the margins

We are running a workshop entitled ‘Transformation in the margins’ at Runcton Manor on Saturday 28th July 2018. Further details are available here.

We ran an initial day on ‘The Spirit of the Margins’ in 2015. It was a fantastic day with beautiful weather and lunch around an enormous table. 12-15 people reflected on what the margins meant to them. Comments included:

‘…a chance to reflect widely on issues of the soul, and to listen. A lot of self-development is goal-orientated, but this workshop was non-pressured and ‘held’ in a secure way by the group leaders.’

‘It was really good to meet a group of people who are obviously careful explorers of what it means to be spiritual in a Christian context, and I experienced a sense of relief that my personal struggles with faith can also find a home in a long tradition.’

‘an opportunity to notice some of the issues which came up for me, and also to hear what was evoked for others. At times there was a wonderful timeless quality to my experiences.’

The day served as the basis for workshops at various locations including Oxford (Festival of Social Sculpture), Bath (Quaker Yearly Meeting Gathering), London (Meditatio) and Surrey (House of Prayer) and Liverpool Hope University (Conference on Sacred Spaces). We have since continued to develop the material, focussing especially on the transformative power of the margins.

People who attended the initial workshop will, therefore, find this workshop full of new material; at the same time it is a free standing event and people who did not attend the initial workshop will not be at a disadvantage.

Further details are available at

Places are limited. To reserve a place please contact Chris at