How to find us

The address is Runcton Manor, Runcton Lane, Runcton, Chichester PO20 1PS, West Sussex

By Bus: Take the 60 bus from Chichester or Bognor Regis and get out at the Walnut Tree pub, Runcton.

By car:  Go to the roundabout by the Walnut Tree pub, where Lagness Road (B2166) intersects with the Vinnetrow Road.

By bus or car: From the roundabout go south down Mill Road towards South Mundham. After 100 yards ignore the road (Saltham Lane) which comes in on your left. Immediately after that Mill Road crosses a small stream becomes Runcton Lane, and there are two white gateposts on the left one marked ‘Runcton Manor’. Go through the gateposts and along the the drive and over the small bridge. Park outside the main house – please avoid parking outside the converted stable on the left. Then go up the steps to the entrance of the main house where (hopefully) we will be waiting.

(NB. Putting the post code in Google maps gives a location south and west of the ‘actual’ Runcton Manor: as you go south down Runcton Lane, Runcton Manor is on the left and not the right of the road.)